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A Business Partner. 

Forest Products


A wide range of forest products at competitive prices, ensuring your satisfaction and meeting the demand for a consistent supply and quality under all market conditions.


Container Board


Kraft Liner board, Recycled Liner board, Corrugating Medium / Fluting Paper, White Top Liner, Bleached Liner, Coloured Coated Liner.

Folding Board


C1S, C2S, Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS)
Folding Box Board (FBB), GD2 - GD3
Polyextruded Board (PE Board)
Barrier Technologies.


Printing & Writing


Wood free Paper, Coated Printing Papers,

Bristols, Digital Printing Papers, Label Papers and Holy Books Paper.

Specialty Papers


Greaseproof Paper, Sublimation Paper, 
Thermal Papers.


Sacks and Bags


MF & MG bleached and unbleached kraft paper,

Extensible and Semi extensible,
Recycled, Coloured Kraft paper.

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